Your Role in the FedEx Usability Study

We are conducting this study of some possible changes to shipping automation platforms to help us understand how real customers interact in a normal working environment.

Please note that we are evaluating the product, not your abilities to perform the various steps. Any problems or confusion you encounter will help us to improve the product.

While you are participating in the study, we would like for you to “think out loud”. Feel free to tell us:

 What questions you have
 What you find easy, and
 What you find difficult to understand.

Your Agreement to Participate

I agree to participate in this study. I understand that the purpose of this study is to gather information about this software in order to make it easier to use in the workplace.  I understand that the results and any information I provide are anonymous. My name will not be connected with these materials in any way.

I also understand that I am free to withdraw from this study at any time. If I choose not to continue, I do not have to provide an explanation. I may also choose to take a break or end my participation whenever I decide to do so.

I agree to provide personal feedback during this study. I also understand and agree that the feedback obtained during online sessions will be captured and saved throughout the test. I am aware that this information will be used for analyzing the study, and I agree to grant FedEx the right to review of these notes for the purpose of demonstrating the results of this study.

Furthermore, I understand that the prototype I will be viewing is highly confidential. I agree to not share the contents of the prototype or even acknowledge the existence of this prototype to anyone either employed by FedEx Corporation or outside the company.